2021 Stimulus

In early 2021, the Federal Government sent out the Third Economic Impact Payment or Stimulus to most qualifying individuals. If you received this $1400 per person stimulus, a letter, Letter 6475, should be sent out in early 2022 confirming what you received. Make sure you take that letter to your Tax Preparer so that they can ensure that you received the full amount you qualified for and/or claim what is owed to you.

Didn’t receive your Stimulus?

If you didn’t receive your Stimulus or you are not to certain, there are a couple things you can do.

You can make sure that it wasn’t deposited into your account – if you used direct deposit in 2020 – without you noticing. You can also go onto the IRS website and create an account to verify if you received it.

If you are certain you didn’t receive it, let your tax Preparer know and they will put in the claim on your 2021 Tax Return so that you can obtain it with your 2021 Federal Refund.

Not Sure if you Qualified?

When you come in to file your 2021 taxes, our Prepares will be able to let you know if you qualified and for how much. Most individuals with a valid SSN qualify.


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