August 23, 2013

Income Tax


Over the years we have seen thousands of income tax cases. We’ve helped everything from single people and young couples, who are just starting out, to retired seniors who need someone they can trust. We’ve done taxes for over 20 years! We are open all year to help answer any tax question you might have. We’ve helped thousands of business owners, and home owners just like yourself navigate through tricky tax problems. We are confident that we can help you too!


Here are some of the benefits of doing your taxes with Unity Services Income Tax:

Year round support
Our office is open year round to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your taxes!

Free consultation
We are confident that you will be pleased at how we help and answer your questions, that’s why tax consultations are  free.

Correspondence assistance
If you receive a letter from the IRS we will assist you with any federal or state tax letters you might receive.


Where’s My Refund?